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A recent ABC News piece (July 22, 2011 “Fake urine proves a wee problem”) reported on the emerging dilemma for workplace drug testing programs - an increased number of employees ordering fake urine online in attempt to beat the ‘system’.

Many urine drug kits are now available with built in adulterant tests and temperature strips to confirm that the urine specimen was passed at the time of collection. However at this stage, differentiating between a genuine or a synthetically produced urine sample remains difficult.

Last month we reported on the concerning rise in the use of synthetic marijuana in the belief that it was "legal" and could not be detected in workplace drug tests. As predicted, the Federal Government has responded with a nationwide ban of such substances. As of June 17 those who sell or supply synthetic cannabis in Western Australia face 25 years in jail or fines of up to $100,000. (SMH June 15 "Kronic a bad trip for the law"). By July 8 most widely-used synthetic cannabis products became prohibited across the nation (ABC News July 7 "Nationwide kronic ban 'completely ludicrous'").

Spice, Kronic and Synthetic Cannabinoids are the new headline grabbing drugs of abuse. Current misinformation about these “legal” drugs however includes suggestion that they are ‘safe’ to use and can be consumed without risk of detection in drug testing.

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