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On August 12 the full bench of Fair Work Australia upheld the decision by Senior Deputy President Hamberger of 26th March in the case Endeavour Energy vs Unions. The key to this case was not whether Endeavour Energy had the right to drug test its employees (this was already agreed to by the unions), rather whether urine or oral fluids was the most appropriate method of determining whether an employee was fit for duty at work.

A Perth study has found that young adults may present with acute cardiac symptoms up to three days after taking ecstasy. (Medical Observer: Tue 19 Jun 2012)

Video link: http://cmpmedicaaustralia.cmail5.com/t/ViewEmail/r/66AE4511B19EC143/51A37BE68976B4CF6CBD507C784BD83B

A recent study of almost 10 000 Australian has found that alcohol is still a significant safety issue in the workplace. This first study to look at drug and alcohol use in Australian workplaces was conducted by the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction at Adelaide's Flinders University.

Drug tests can be forced on workers
Building workers will now be able to be forced to take drug and alcohol tests according to a Fair Work Australia decision made in response to employer concerns about the safety risk of having drug and alcohol affected workers on job sites.

A recent article in the Age www.theage.com.au/victoria/abuse-of-prescription-drugs-on-rise-20110703-1gxe2.html, highlighted a warning by the Victoria police drug taskforce chief about the rise in prescription drug abuse. In particular stimulants such as Ritalin which is an amphetamine and opiates such as Xanax and Oxycontin. These drugs can be either purchased on the black market or through the collection of multiple prescriptions for the same condition via doctor shopping.

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