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The unrestricted use of codeine as an over the counter medication is of considerable concern to health professionals and has led to a review which recommended its restriction to prescription only. However following lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry the final decision has been delayed to 2017(1).  The continued unrestricted use of these medications is also likely to continue to adversely affect organisations and the implementation of their drug and alcohol programmes.

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The therapeutic use of marijuana to treat a range of conditions has been gaining widespread support in Europe and the US for a number of years. In Australia there is a growing move toward the legalisation and use of medical cannabis. Victoria was the first state1, followed by NSW and most recently Queensland2.  The impact of legalising a potentially impairing drug is causing concern in many workplaces across the country.

A recent pilot study tested for drugs of abuse in waste water in Perth1. It clearly demonstrated the widespread use of drugs of abuse in particular the continued rise of methamphetamine otherwise known as ice. What's more, it revealed that the amount of drug detected (and therefore used) was only 20% less during the week compared to the weekend, making us all think twice about its presence in the workplace.

A recent report by the United Nations has indicated that heroin use is on the rise again with a five-fold increase in the US since 2000, to an estimated 1 million users1. There are clear indications that this trend is also occurring in Australia, with a report published by Odyssey House indicating a significant rise in heroin-related admissions2.

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