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When deciding how to implement drug & alcohol testing at your workplace, the in-house option can seem attractive. Train a couple of responsible employees to do the tests. Keep it simple. Save some money. Right? Wrong! This seemingly economical approach could end up costing your organisation a lot more than you may think.

With such a contentious issue, our decision-makers require up to date, credible and well referenced scientific and technical information to inform their decisions. We were very pleased when our own Scientific Director, John De Mellow, was asked to do just that at the Senate Committee in Parliament House earlier this month. 

Unfortunately not!

A quick internet search of “how to pass a urine drug test” will provide anyone with a huge variety of options for methods to ‘cheat’ – at least some of which do actually work.

Recently, the seizure by law enforcement officials of a spectacular amount of cocaine (more than 380kg, or a street value of approximately $144 million) in a small country town near Canberra is another reminder of the growing issue of this drug in NSW. 1

The use of MDMA (Ecstasy) and heroin in Australia is increasing according to the most recent analysis of wastewater. 

The National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program examined fifty wastewater treatment plants, covering over 12.6 million Australians, to obtain a snapshot of the drugs being consumed in December 2018.

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